Have you ever been to a wedding

…….. where everyone was smiling, laughing, dancing

……………….. ……………… ….. and having a good time?  You will!


Your wedding reception!


Let me introduce ourselves, my name is Louie Montan, along with my wife Vanda, we are Alegria DeeJays, a Long Island Wedding DJ Company. Over the past few years we have helped brides and grooms make their wedding day amazingly successful. We would like to help you too!

JEnnifer and Ryan

"Everything was coordinated perfectly ... It was perfect" Jennifer and Ryan B.


Let us make your wedding a day to remember!


Right from the beginning, you will notice our attention to detail. You and your guests will be gently guided into having the kind of wedding reception you have dreamed of. As your wedding DJ, we work closely with your wedding professionals to make sure your wedding reception runs smoothly.

Tasteful introductions.

From the moment you walk in, your job will be to enjoy yourself. Long before your wedding day, we will create a blueprint of the kind of reception you would like and on your wedding day we will help create your masterpiece.


An Elegant Wedding.

We will conduct your reception with the respect and dignity your special day merits and still have LOTS of fun!

We will not play drinking games like licking salt off body parts. Your guests will be dressed in beautiful gowns and fine suits. We won’t make your guests wear goofy sunglasses, cheap straw hats and balloon saxophones. Our personal style is loving, polite and friendly not overbearing or obnoxious. We use humor, mingle and stay flexible with the flow of events.

happy bride and groom

"We had the best time ... You were so good, Vanda was so helpful. Love you guys" Dalena and Edward

Elegant does not mean stuffy.

When it’s time to dance, we will play ALL of your favorites on our state of the art BOSE sound system. The sound is spectacular, but just as importantly it is beautiful looking. We can be interactive and play games without being cheesy or childish. Your guests will be smiling, dancing, laughing and having a good time.

Planning a wedding reception.

If you have sophisticated tastes and want to have a GREAT wedding reception, call us because we want to make your wedding day spectacular!

If you want a wedding reception that reflects your tastes and sensibilities, call us because we will customize our performance to reflect your tastes. You will dance to the music you love and not hear any of the music you don’t.

Please don’t call us, if you are having an ordinary wedding reception. Please don’t call us if you are looking for a DJ that will be disrespectful, unprofessional and inexperienced. Please don’t call us if you don’t care about what happens at your wedding reception. We are an experienced, caring, and professional DJ team that strives to surpass your expectations.

“With your help we were able to have a wedding that was beyond our wildest dreams”  Ricki and Roger M.

If you are looking to make your wedding day one of the most romantic, most memorable and most fun day of your lives, let’s get started, call Alegria DeeJays for your wedding entertainment.

toll-free 888 – DJALEGRIA    ( 1-888-352-5347 )


If you’ve already chosen a wedding DJ for your wedding reception, we wish you Love, Good Luck and many years of happiness …

(tell your engaged friends to call us).

toll-free 888 – DJALEGRIA    ( 1-888-352-5347 )


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