About Alegria DeeJays

Bride dancing on her wedding night

A night of fun, dancing and memories

Committed to making your wedding celebration fantastic!

Imagine your wedding day exactly as you dreamed it would be. Guest, friends and family smiling, laughing and having a great time celebrating the marriage of two people in love. These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

We make this happen.

We will serve as event planners, event coordinators, formal announcers, motivators, facilitators, sound technicians, as well as individuals dedicated to making your day an enormous success!


Long Island Wedding DJ


Alegria – Ah-leh-gree-ah (noun) the emotion of overwhelming joy, happiness.
** translated from spanish, french, portuguese, italian


Alegria DeeJays is a husband and wife team. We specialize in bilingual elegant weddings.

  • Mature Experienced Professionals
  • Appropriately Dressed – Tuxedo to Hawaiian Shirts, it’s your party
  • Multi-lingual – announcements in the languages of your choice
  • Personal Entertainment Consultation – we work with you to create the party of your dreams
  • 24/7 Online Wedding Planner
  • Person you meet is the person MC’ing your event
  • We Play Requests
  • Party planner
  • Great Sounding Music from professional equipment at appropriate volumes


In complete control

Over 30 years as a full time disc jockey


That’s me, DJ/MC Louie Montan. I’ve been a deejay full time since 1979. Fully experienced with music from the ‘40’s through the present including ethnic and novelty songs, with the uncanny knack of blending requests and party favorites to create a fun, memorable celebration.

When I was young my parents would throw parties at the house that would last from 4 in the afternoon till after 4 in the morning. Dancing, drinking and having a good time. Our basement was converted into a sixties dance club. They would play Merengue, Motown, Frank Sinatra and ballroom music. Their friends came from all walks of life; musicians, artists, ball players, construction workers, factory workers, secretaries, homemakers, etc. with one thing in common – MUSICA, AMOR Y ALEGRIA.


I have been collecting music since the early sixties. I saved up my allowance and I bought my first record, Johnny Cash’s FOLSOM PRISON BLUES and my second record was Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass’ TASTE OF HONEY. I have been a Disc Jockey since 1979, in Rickett’s Record Pool since 1988. In 2000, I decided to start converting everything; all my records, reel to reel, cassettes and CDs were transferred to digital. This is just part of the ever growing library of an avid interesting music collector. If there is something you must hear that you didn’t see here, let us know and we will make every effort to have it for your special day.


MC/Motivator Vanda Azevedo is an accomplished Aerobic Instructor, former Maitre’D, Bridal Hostess and fluent in five languages. Vanda has planned and executed hundreds of weddings. She knows each wedding is unique and can tailor every aspect of your special day to ensure a truly exciting and memorable event. She constantly communicates with the other professionals and your guests to guide them through a smooth reception. Vanda has an astonishing feel for the pulse of the party and knows when the party needs a little nudge to increase the energy.

Currently she is best known as Chef Vanda, The Organic Personal Chef.


The Music: A giant selection of the music you, your family and friends want to hear and dance to. We gladly play requests. Our library contains music from the 40’s through all of today’s chart-toppers! Whether it’s Disco, Motown, Big Band, Swing, Oldies, Club Dance, Hip Hop, New Wave, Classic Rock, Pop, Salsa, Merengue or Country, we have it! We’re able to program music for family, friends, and guests of all ages and likes. If you’d like us to focus on a music style/genre, or if there is something you don’t want to hear, let us know.


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