Imagine your wedding day exactly as you dreamed it would be. These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

We will serve as event planners, event coordinators, formal announcers, motivators, facilitators, sound technicians, as well as individuals dedicated to making your day an enormous success!

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wedding ceremony under tent

"A perfect night ... There was a wonderful groove through the whole night. Everyone had a great night." Nancy and Jose

Alegria Ultimate Affair

A Magnificent Wedding Package: On your wedding day, you will want everything just perfect. From the beginning, your ceremony will be handled with dignity. We will work with you to create an event that will be talked about for years to come.

The day before your wedding day, every member of your bridal party will feel comfortable with their role and they will know exactly what is expected of them. We will help coordinate your wedding rehearsal.

On your wedding day, your guests will be seated to light elegant classical music – taking them away from their worldly problems and setting the mood for an evening that will never be forgotten. All eyes will be on you, as you glide down the aisle to the beautiful music you have selected.

You have carefully chosen your wedding vows and all of your guests will hear them loud and clear. We use professional microphones and a non-intrusive BOSE sound system (no unsightly wires or giant concert speakers) Additional microphones for featured readers and ceremony musicians are available.

After the ceremony, your guests will be greeted into your cocktail hour to the sounds of American Standards and romantic classics sung by a Las Vegas style lounge singer. Your mature guests will love this! They just might start dancing during cocktail hour.

As the cocktail hour ends, your guests are gently guided into the main room and prepared for your entrance. You will never assemble this group of people ever again and for one night, all their love will be focused on you as you make your Grand Entrance and dance your first dance as husband and wife.Latin Elegant Wedding

All of your special moments will be handled with elegance and charm, in accordance to your particular tastes.

Everyone will be smiling, laughing, having a good time and when it’s time to dance … everyone will dance as we play the right music at the right time.

This will be an enchanted night of dancing and fun. You are the star of your very own wedding night. No worries, all distraction have been taken care of.

Dancing at the reception

"It amazed me to see how many people that are not dancers (so they claim!) out on the dance floor!... Absolute class but still fun!" Carmen and Jeff C

Alegria Red Rose

Your guests arrive from your wedding ceremony to your cocktail room to light jazz, easy rock and romantic classics according to your wishes, played on a separate BOSE sound system. The ambiance and volume are conducive to conversation as your guests meet and greet each other.

After your cocktail hour, your guests will be invited into your banquet hall and prepared for your Grand Entrance. You are warmly welcomed to cheers and applause as you enter your reception. Your dream continues, you dance with each other and your enchanting night begins. Specialty dances, wedding toasts, special moments, easy dinner music, the cake cutting ceremony and then lots of dancing. You get one hour of cocktail music or an extra hour of dancing! Five hours of entertainment!

Our most popular package. Your guests will remember your reception for how beautiful you looked and the good time they had.

Alegria Simple & Elegant

The essential four hour wedding package. Everything for your reception, Appropriate music at the right volume. Specialty dances, wedding toasts, special moments, easy dinner music, the cake cutting ceremony, all in good taste. Completely customized to your desires and tastes. Fully coordinated with your wedding professionals. Everyone will be smiling, laughing and dancing.Elegant Wedding entertainment

A night filled with love, romance and fun.



We provide stress-free comprehensive consultations and planning resulting in the wedding day of your dreams. We use a twelve page planner and try to get to know you intimately. Your guests will feel more comfortable being entertained by someone that knows their bride and groom more than acquaintances.

Crisp Clean Sound

Alegria DeeJays is proud to use the BOSE sound system for outstanding sound quality. Your ears will not be ringing at the end of the night but the music will still be plenty loud enough to dance to. Not only do they sound fantastic but the are also beautiful to look at. We take great care to make our area look neat and clean.

The Right Music For Your Event

This means you, your friends and guests will be dancing and having a good time and will not be standing around being bored.

More Than Just Music

Listen, your reception will be as fun as you want it! We can play interactive fun games and contests (without being cheesy, tacky or childish), we can dance the night away (the music you want to dance to and none of the songs you don’t want to hear) or we can blend the two for a night like no other. We customize our performance to your tastes and wishes. We play requests, not a canned routine.

Ready To Go

Never late! We will arrive early and we are prepared one hour before we are required. You should not have to worry about your entertainment on your wedding day.

After your reception, we also breakdown fast, your banquet manager will not complain about having to stay late. – No Extra Charges.

No Surprises!

You will know upfront what your package pricing will be, so there are no surprises to spoil your special day.


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