“It amazed me to see how many people I know are not dancers out on the dancefloor!” Carmen and Jeff


“Everything was coordinated perfectly. Lou, your wife is amazing and her help was incredible!” Jennifer and Ryan B.


“Excellent! Nothing but Great Things!!” Edith and Roger


“We couldn’t have asked for anything more” Jeanne and Gerard S.


“I’m so happy we did not go with another DJ company. Everything was SO professional” Michelle y John B.


“I would highly recommend your service. Your resources and organizational skills were so superior to any of the other vendors” Kirsten and Mark S.


“With your help we were able to have a wedding that was beyond our wildest dreams” Ricki and Roger M.


“Very  professional and creative. Very dependable” Aminah M.


“…our event was fantastically personalized” Sylvia W.


“Detailed service and attention to special needs”  Cynthia G.


“… loved the way the DJ handled the guests at my wedding” George P.


“…. got the entire party on the dancefloor”  Ellie E.


“Everybody was dancing and having fun”      Bill G.


“ … made my birthday very memorable” Sylvia W.


“…The Best Performance I’ve Ever Heard” Dave G.


“Their personalities and choice of music were perfect” Katie B.


“Great Party, Great Music” Kim C.


“I would definitely recommend you because of your experience and variety” Elisette S.


You are going to love my services, so I’ve reserved this spot for your testimonial.


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