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Picking Out Wedding Rings

Diamond Bridal Set Benefits

by Van Whitsett

Finding a wedding ring alone can be difficult because of the large selection there is on the market. What’s worse is that the engagement ring comes before the wedding ring, and that can be a difficult selection. You have to decide whether to get a similar engagement ring as the wedding ring. Can you afford to have diamonds in your engagement ring if you have an expensive wedding ring picked out?

All of these things have to be decided and it’s not a small purchase that you can make a mistake on. At Ultra Diamonds, things are made a little easier for you with their diamond bridal sets. Each diamond set consists of an engagement ring along with a wedding band. The starting price for a set is at $999 for a ¾ctw Diamond Flower Bridal Set. The engagement ring has 15 sparkling round diamonds and the matching ring has 10 round diamonds.

By purchasing a diamond bridal set, you save the trouble of having to stress out about finding two perfect rings. The engagement ring should set the tone for how much she means to you. If you give her something that will blow her off her feet, she’s going to know that you care about her. Although money isn’t everything, it certainly says something about how dedicated you are to her.

With Ultra Diamonds bridal sets, you can purchase the set for an affordable price while maintaining the quality. Not only that, but the rings are matching. This way if she ever wanted to add diamonds to her wedding band, her engagement ring is the same size and has the same size of diamonds.

Many times when people attempt to get diamond ring sets, they don’t match the rings up. For instance, it will look tacky if you have a gold engagement ring and a silver or platinum wedding ring. Another mishap is getting two different gemstones. But with Ultra Diamonds, you have no worries of purchasing a set that isn’t identical. The rings are sold together and purchased at the same time.

You will find that it can become frustrating purchasing a diamond bridal set because of the overwhelming prices. However, if you give it time and search around for the right price, you will soon find the dream set in accordance to the rings themselves and the price. At the end of the day you will have saved money buying them together, you just may not realize it at first because of the high price tag.

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New York Weddings

New York Attractions   by Naldo Camarones

When you think New York, you imagine a city, full of taxis and blaring horns, right? Besides all of the skyscrapers, clubs and people in a giant city, New York has a whole other part to the state. New York is full of small towns, farmland and beautiful scenery that are often overlooked.

New York is home to many unique attractions, without having to load the kids up on the subway to tour. Here are some fun stops outside of the big city:

North Pole – No, you read that right. There is a North Pole in New York. It may seem like the North Pole since it is so close to the Canadian border, but it is in the New York boundaries. What is the North Pole without Santa’s Workshop? An amusement park by that name was built and opened in 1949 for kids to enjoy all year long. There are shows, gift shops, an arcade and costumed characters and a parade for all to see.

Albany – A giant statue of a white dog sits atop the RCA Building. He was placed there in 1954 and is named Nipper. Nipper has appeared as a real dog in versions of commercials for RCA on television. RCA has offices in Albany.

Oneida – Need a quick prayer to help get you through a family road trip? Stop in to Oneida, where the World’s smallest church is located. The church is actually a chapel, and sits on a small platform in a pond. It was built in 1989 and seats two people and a minister.

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Jamestown – Lucille Balls hometown. There is a museum full of memories from her and Desi Arnaz’s life together. Her wedding dress, a hairbrush, TV set items and other personal effects are on display for the public. There is also a gift shop to take home little bits of Lucy history as souvenirs.

LeRoy – What’s that wiggling on your spoon?

J-E-L-L-O? A museum dedicated to the history of Jell-O sits in LeRoy New York. It is full of all the promotions used by Jell-O in the past, as well as TV’s that constantly air commercials. Jell-O happened to be manufactured in the town of LeRoy for sixty four years.

Lake George – Does Uncle Sam have an overwhelming presence in your life? In Lake George, a 36 foot tall statue of Uncle Sam will make that feat a reality. The statue was built in honor of Samuel Wilson, who became known as Uncle Sam. He spent his adult life in Troy New York, and is buried there.

Cherry Valley – What is a vacation without buying a bunch of rubber tomahawks for the kids? Rubber tomahawks, in case you need a definition, is a term for cheesy, easily-falls-apart, memorabilia that the kids must have before going home. The TeePee in Cherry Hill is full of such trinkets for every age. The fifty foot metal teepee replica signals to those highway bound – pull over! We have what you need to remember this vacation!

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